The Artist’s Way

I have been on a decluttering kick lately. The book I bought about the magical art of tidying up is still sitting, unread, on my bookshelf. Instead I have been watching Netflix documentaries about Minimalists, and watching Tiny Home videos on YouTube.

Decluttering. Not having tons of stuff. Minimalism.

This is just a fact of life when you live in a one bedroom condo. I don’t have a basement, spare room, garage, or shed to store things that I don’t use but don’t want to make decisions about.

Today I decided to tackle the shelf where I keep my writing books. The bottom shelf has become a landing area for used notebooks. Notebooks full of rough drafts, notebooks full of my daily writing practice. Hidden in this stack of notebooks and rough drafts was a copy of The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

I feel like this book was all the rage a while back. My first introduction to this book was when friends in a theater course used this book as part of their course work. I was actually sort of jealous because I’d used a different book in my course work. I was so intrigued by this book that I tried to pick up on some of the practices that they were doing. (morning pages, artist dates)

To be honest I had forgotten that I owned this book. Finding it this morning felt like a little bit of fate. A little kismet. A little divine guidance. I’ve been struggling with writing for a while. Maybe struggling as an artist in general. Maybe it is some sort of midlife crisis, maybe it is stress, but whatever the reason. I’ve gotten off course in my writing journey and finding this book feels a little like finding a compass.

IMG_7591Thankfully there was also an unused notebook in the pile of old notebooks and rough drafts so I was able to begin some of the exercises right away.

Have you ever been lost as an artist? How did you find your way back? Have you followed the Artist’s Way in the past? How did it go?