Centering my Soul

One of the best gifts I received for Christmas this year was a complete surprise, but I’m fairly sure I will be adding this to my future lists.

This year, my mother gave me a day planner/calendar/ journal called What I Will Do to Feel the Way I Want to Feel by Danielle LaPorte.

I love the story of how this journal ‘found’ me. I describe myself as a bit of a hippie when it comes to spiritual beliefs. I meditate, practice yoga, and generally believe in the power of positive thought. I’m usually more into natural healing methods (nutrition, chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathic medicine) than I am into allopathic medicine. I follow sites like Sarah Prout, practice Reiki, use essential oils, and consider myself an empath.

My mom sometimes feels a little the opposite, although she is probably not. She fills her spiritual well not by meditation and yoga but by attending church, prayer, and reading her Bible. In her retirement she has become a professional dog walker. She saw this book on the counter at the home of one of her clients and thought I might enjoy it. One of the reasons she chose it is because the energy of her client’s home feels similar to the energy in my home and life. My mom didn’t use the word energy, she said “When I am in her house I feel relaxed and at ease, like I do when I am at your house.”

The book is full of prompts to help you focus on how you want to feel. The idea being that part of the reason we strive for a goal is not because of the goal, but because of the feeling it will provide. I encountered this idea of feelings when thinking about taking a trip recently, while I wanted to take a trip to feel warm and relaxed, I didn’t feel like I had the funds for a trip. I knew if I spent money I felt like I didn’t have to spend that I would not come back and feel relaxed. As I thought of the idea of taking the trip I also realized that I had missed several parts of the journey (planning, saving money, anticipating, and achievement) that would have made the trip more enjoyable. Ultimately I decided to use my time to begin planning and saving for a future trip.

I won’t lie, 2017 got off to a rocky start. I turned 40 (cue mid-life crisis fears and worries), I discovered that someone I trusted had been lying to me, and fears of how the hate our country has awakened directly affects my loved ones nearly became a real.

Yet, this planner/journal/calendar helps me sit down daily and write three things that I am grateful for, helps me focus on the positive, helps me remember to turn off the constant panic of the current news feed and feed my soul. Because I can’t be there for those I love unless I have taken care of myself.

Do you have a favorite day planner? Does your day planner center your soul?





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