Celebrating Labor Day weekend with my Union

It’s Labor Day and I’m proud to say that I’m a Union member.MP822-2.jpg

This weekend I had the opportunity to volunteer with the IATSE Local 13 kiosk at the Minnesota State Fair.

For four hours I had the opportunity to talk about my Union and the skills that are represented. It was so fun talking about what I get to do (wardrobe and costumes) with people. It is also fun to talk with people about the range of skills my union represents. I loved telling people that the person running sound and I were represented by the same union even though we each focus on completely different aspects of backstage theater.

I had the chance to talk to people from other unions and talk to young people about unions and why they are important. Several brothers and sisters from my Union or who are represented by my union stopped by to say hi, which was awesome.

I was set up next to the Minnesota Nurses Association and it was great to see them getting support from people as they prepare to go to strike on Monday.

I noticed that some of the unions represented didn’t have a lot of women represented. Many would talk about needing to go see which brothers were at their kiosk. It felt cool being a woman out there and belonging to a union that recently established a Women’s Committee.

After volunteering with IATSE I headed over to the Eco experience to teach people how to turn t-shirts into grocery bags. It was so much fun teaching people to create something and see the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with creating something.



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