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I’ve been writing product descriptions and critiquing picture book manuscripts and query letters on fiverr for a while now.


I tried out some of the other avenues for freelance writing over the years, but what I really love about fiverr is that I don’t spend my time searching for projects and bidding on them. Instead I get to spend my fiverr time actually working on my gigs.

My product description gig is by far my best selling gig but I really enjoy to positive feedback I get from clients on my picture book beta reading gig and my query letter gig.

“Carrie’s advice was spot on. I have sent my manuscript for critique’s in the past, but Carrie pointed out the main problem that myself and those who have critiqued in the past were unable to see. Thanks again Carrie.”-fiverr customer

“Carrie made a catch that my critique group missed! Thanks!”-fiverr client

Getting positive feedback is definitely one of highlights of my fiverr gigs.

‘ve always loved blogging, and while I don’t blog as often as I used to I still love interacting with blogs. Which I why I recently started offering a blog commenting gig on fiverr. Check it out for some blog comments or advice.