Reading Confession

I don’t know when it happened. Maybe it was the decision to add the Facebook app back onto my phone. Maybe it was stress and life stuff.  Whatever the reason I haven’t been reading as many books as I used to.

I even got a paperwhite kindle last year for Christmas so that I could do more reading. The light makes it great for reading in dark places, like backstage between costume changes.

I used to be a person who could read, on average, a book a week. Lately I feel like I’m lucky to read a book a month. While I realize this still puts me ahead of most of the population it doesn’t put me ahead of me, or the person I used to be or the person I aspire to be.

This feels like a terrible confession for someone who wants to write books to make.  I haven’t been reading as much. I feel like so much of being a writer depends on reading. I don’t know if I’d want to be a writer if it wasn’t for my love of reading.

This year I’ve been trying to take a more business approach to writing. How can I make more time for writing by writing more? I’ve written newsletter, product descriptions, content and about me pages. While it is really great to make a little money with writing I haven’t been reading as much. Or worse, what I have been reading has been Facebook status updates as it is easier to take a break from the work I’m doing by looking at Facebook. Or sometimes the work/research I’m doing requires me to look at Facebook, YouTube or other social media.

As I work to manage stress in my life and make healthier choices I’m returning to reading. I’m currently trying to fit in as many beach reads as possible before the end of summer.  Sometimes it is hard to remember to set my phone aside and pick up  my book instead but as I sink into the lives of the characters in the book I feel the stresses of life melting away and I remember why I love reading and why I want to be a writer. I remember that reading is the first step, the base, of being a good writer.