A Cure for Writer’s Block

Free picture book or query letter critique- I have been on fiverr for a couple months. I’ve been staying busy writing product descriptions, but I’d love to do more picture book and query letter critiques. If you have a picture book manuscript you’d like beta read and critiqued, or you have a query letter you’d like critiqued I’d like to offer you a free critique.

I haven’t updated my blog for good reason. I’ve been keeping myself busy writing.

At the beginning of the year a writer friend contacted me about trading writing on a weekly basis. Basically how this works is that we send each other whatever we are working on that week on Fridays and then we send back comments on Tuesdays. That has been keeping me on task.

My fiverr gigs are also starting to take off. As I figure out if I can earn some money putting words on paper I have been writing a lot of product descriptions. The good thing is that I’ve found some repeat customers. The work has been pretty steady. It is still a small amount but that is all I feel like I need right now while I figure out if copywriting is a way for me to make an extra side income.

My biggest fear when I started offering copywriting services what that writing things for other people would suck the fun out of writing, and that I wouldn’t have energy for my own writing at the end of the day. Currently the few projects I get a week through fiverr have not had that effect. Instead, I find that writing copy and product descriptions is a great little warm up, and leads nicely into my own writing. I also find that the confidence I’m building by earning a little extra money from writing is helpful in my own writing.

I have been more productive this year due to the combination of trading stories back and forth, and spending my days writing. So, it turns out that writing cures writers block.

Here’s the deal. Currently my top selling gig, the one customers see first when they come to my page is a gig for product descriptions. I would love to be doing more picture book critiques or query letter critiques. My gig on fiverr is for a critique, up to 1000 words. So, if you are looking for a picture book critique or query letter critique┬ácheck out my gigs and take advantage of my free critique offer. *This offer is only available to new fiverr users, so if you are already a fiverr user get in touch with me on the site and mention this blog post and I will give you give you an extra service (i.e. rush delivery or proofreading 1000 words) for free.