Returning to the Page

So I don’t want to dwell on what a tough year 2014 but one of the things that I didn’t do as much in 2015 was write.

But wait, aren’t you a writer? Isn’t this blog about writing?

So let me clarify. I wrote my 12 manuscripts for 12×12. I wrote 32 ideas for PiBoIdMo. I occasionally worked on my Middle Grade WIP. I wrote blog posts. I did copywriting for people.

But the writing that was missing from my life was the writing where I sit down with a notebook and a pen and just empty my thoughts onto paper. I’m not working on telling a story. I’m not worried about if anyone is reading it. I’m not worried about anything. I just sit and write and collect my thoughts for the day or maybe I write about a problem I’m having and I keep writing about that problem until I figure out how to deal with it.

Everyone does this kind of writing. Maybe it is the three pages you write in the morning, before you check your email or Facebook. Maybe it is just a writing warm up. But in 2014 I had less writing time so I didn’t spend as much time doing the clear my head kind of writing.

I feel like I lost focus on that writing as I turned my writing focus to how I could earn an income from my writing. I focused on how to break into freelance copywriting, editing, and proofreading and didn’t remember to write every day.

I am returning to journalling now, after realizing how much I missed it. I recently read about how writing can reduce stress buy giving you a way to deal with stress. Maybe the fact that I wrote less in my journal in 2014 is why my stress seemed to go up in 2014.

I dealt with a lot of stressful things in 2014 and I did so largely without writing about them. Part of me is a little bummed that I won’t have a record to look back on about 2014. How did I deal with all the change around me? How did I deal with my concerns?

As I settle back into habits I am returning to my daily writing practice. Writing, with a pen, in a notebook.

What is your daily writing practice? Do you start your day with journaling or morning pages?




2 thoughts on “Returning to the Page

  1. Carrie, I’m so sorry 2014 was a rough year for you and I really hope 2015 will be much better. I seriously think journaling is the best therapy in the world. I know it helps me so much whenever I’m feeling down, and I’ve been turning to it a lot lately. It’s like we’re emptying the worries from our brains onto paper, you know? Hope it helps you, and that you get to do some head-clearing writing more frequently!


  2. I’ve been trying out journaling over the last few years. Some of it visual–not really how I usually process. I found Lisa Sonora Beam and have done a few online courses with her. She doesn’t call it “art”, although much of what she does is visual. But just as much is writing.

    Right now she is doing her third 30 day journaling experiment on Facebook (it may also be on her blog/site)
    She was just trying to see if she could get several thousand people to journal together for 30 days. (And drum up business for herself, certainly, in the end).

    Much of what is shared/posted is heavy on the art, which can be intimidating at first.

    You mentioned having a record to look back on and I have found that when I revisit the journals, I can see where I’ve made progress–that surprised me. I guess I doubted it could make a difference.


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