Writing Gratitude

I’m following along with Julie Hedlund’s 12 Days of Christmas for Writers. Yesterday’s video was about gratitude and while this post might echo some of the things from my success post the other day I thought I’d share the list of things I’m thankful for as a writer as we bring in a new year.

I’m thankful for the 12×12 writing community. One of my goals for next year is to participate in the forums more.

I’m thankful for PiBoIdMo. It was so fun to participate in this challenge and to come up with 32 ideas. Now I won’t be spending each month scrambling for an idea.

I’m thankful for the SCBWI community. Again, something I want to be more involved with but I got to meet SCBWI members I hadn’t met before and that was fun.

I’m thankful for the Loft Literary Center. I love the classes and conferences I’ve attended here and am thankful for the connections I’ve made in classes here.

I’m thankful for Molly Beth Griffin’s Picture Book Writers’ Salon I don’t get to attend often due to the fact that I usually work at night but I attend every one that I can and I really enjoy them.

I am thankful for clients who have used my copywriting, editing, or proofreading services. I was so overwhelmed with the excitement my friends showed over my new skill set and their willingness to use me as a copywriter, editor, or proofreader.

I’m thankful for a full time job in the arts. Being surrounded by creative people and being part of the artistic process keeps me going on this journey as a writer.

I’m thankful to my brother for telling me about fiverr and helping me think outside the box as far as getting my copywriting, editing, proofreading business started.

I am thankful that my full time job leaves me with the time and energy to pursue my art.

I am thankful for health challenges I’ve faced this year as they have motivated me to take more action in pursuing my writerly goals.

I am thankful to the agents and editors I submitted to last year. Many of them took the time to say something about the work I was submitting and while I haven’t gotten an agent, editor, or book contract yet the personal comments have been encouraging as I continue the journey to publication.



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