Freelance Fridays- Finding Work

Freelance Fridays is a series of posts meant to chronicle my journey as a freelance writer and help others looking to transition into freelance work.

Please check out my previous post, Freelance Fridays- Getting Started for tips on how to improve or gain skills in the area you would like to work in.

Now you’ve learned about the exciting field of copywriting, proofreading, editing, or whatever skill you chose. Perhaps you’ve created a spec ad, worked up some writing or editing samples, written a video script, or created a logo. But how do you get work?

The first step is to contact your friends and family. Let your network know what that you are pursuing copywriting (I’m using copywriting because that is what I am doing). In my case I had my first client before I finished my class due to the simple act of letting my friends know that I was taking a copywriting class. In some cases your friends will not just flock to you just dying to try out your new services, you will have to reach out to them

Create a Products and Services page on your website or blog. Your blog is likely an excellent showcase of your writing. A Products and Services page can bring customers to you.

Look for work online. Craigslist often has jobs or gigs in writing copy or content so this may be a good start. They also list more time work or work from staffing agencies if that is your goal.

Sites like Elance, Odesk, and Guru allow you to bid on jobs. Be prepared to bid on a lot of jobs in order to get started. These markets are pretty saturated and it can be hard to gain traction when getting started. You may feel like the work is going to the lowest bidder but keep trying.

Sites like and also have job listing in the field of writing.

Try sites like An alternative to bidding on gigs at sites like Elance at fiverr you create the gig that you are willing to do for $5. This puts you in control. The great thing is that you can create whatever gig you want for $5. I am currently offering to write holiday letters for $5.  Once you gain experience you can start earning more by adding extras to your gigs. You can also find other freelancers on this site if you wanted to outsource work to a graphic designer, video producer, or illustrator.

Hopefully these tips will help you get started finding freelance work with your skill


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