What November Feels Like

It is Day 2 of PiBoIdMo and already I have two story ideas in my notebook.

Have you ever noticed when you go to a kid lit conference and the atmosphere feels like it is full of ideas. As you are sitting and listening to presenters talk about the world of picture books you have all these great ideas that you just can’t wait to get home and jot down.

You wonder if all the good ideas have congregated there just hoping to fall into the imagination of some writer.

That is what November feels like to me.

A month where ideas, characters, and plots are swirling around with the leaves just waiting to fall into the brains and out of the pens or keyboards of some writer.

I did my first NaNoWriMo in 2007 and about halfway through the month, while I was working on my 1667 words for the day, I was hit over the head with a picture book idea.

I wrote it down because I didn’t want it to get away but at the time I wanted to write YA. At the end of the month I felt like the strongest thing I’d written was that picture book draft. I took a picture book class and revised and submitted. I got some positive feedback from and editor but that book never quite found a home.

But by that time I was hooked on picture books. While people at conferences spilled out of breakout sessions on YA novels I felt like my strongest work were my picture book manuscripts. I do still work on Middle Grade and YA projects but I still feel like my picture book manuscripts are my strongest work.

But it is interesting to see how writing begets more writing. Today I sat down to write my picture book idea for the day, I wrote down an idea, looked at pictures on Storybird to get ideas for future day, and then I wrote 500 words on another project.


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