Happy Halloween and Happy PiBoIdMo Eve

It’s Halloween!

As someone who makes her living in theater I love seeing people’s costumes. I’m terrible and I confess to giving pencils to teenagers who don’t wear costumes. Reading the Huffington Post story What You Need to Know About 6 Foot Trick Or Treaters I might start passing out little costume pieces to these kids- a mustache, a pirate eye patch, something these kids can add to their hoodies to score more candy at the next house.


I also love dressing up my cat.



But it’s not just Halloween. Tonight is the eve before PiBoIdMo or NaNoWriMo. Do you have all your ideas ready to go?

I’m listening to a Katie Davis’s Brain Burps podcast for some inspiration before PiBoIdMo starts. Today’s episode features Tara Lazar, the fearless creator of PiBoIdMo. I loved hearing about her inspiration for PiBoIdMo and what she would give everyone if she had a magic wand.

Today I plan on decorating my PiBoIdMo notebook.

Today may also include a trip to the library to load up on picture books.




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