A New Blog

This isn’t my first blog. I’ve been blogging for years at Kiwi’s Life but I feel like it is time to create something that represents the writer I am now. Starting with something that uses my name.

See, back then I took a blog that I already had where I blogged about knitting, crafts, my cats, my life and just started writing about writing.

But I wanted a place where everything could be in one place. A place where I could build an author platform and promote copywriting services as well as write about writing. I may try to eventually move posts over from Kiwi’s life or I may leave everything there.

I’ve always felt like blogs, profiles, etc are like pets or plants. They need to be nurtured. The need to be tended so that they can grow. This is why I don’t go about creating blogs willy nilly (although it may seem like I do).

So I’m still figuring out what to do about my old blog (transfer posts or leave it where it is) but for now it would be nice if everything was in the same place and easy to find and follow.



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